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Campo Del Cielo Meteorite

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite

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Campo Del Cielo Meteorite

(Field from the heavens)

from Argentina



Each Meteorite was obtained from the Campo del Cielo prior to the area was declared a national treasure prohibiting any further export of these 4.6 billion year old space explorers.

This is a limited offering and a chance to get someone one of the oldest items in the universe.  They crashed into the earth some 4,000- 5,500 years ago, in a series of craters covering only an area 3km X 20 km.  

Great gift for those whom have almost everything, or someone hard to shop for. Meteors can be hard to find and can go for hundreds of dollars an ounce.

 Makes great stocking stuffers. A truly unique gift. Each are authenticated and numbered by the International Numistic Bureau.

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