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Rev Tom Cormier

Handmade Quarter Malas

Handmade Quarter Malas

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These are a quarter Mala Pray bead set. They are hand made and blessed by Reverend Tom Cormier.  Reverend Tom is an Interfaith Minister, a Gnostic Bishop, and an Irish Druid Priest.

A Buddhist Mala is a meditational tool, traditionally with 108 beads. the number is symbolic for several reasons, we will mention 2:

 1. 108 is the number of Desires that must be overcome

 2. 9 is the number of completion, and 12 nines equal perfection. This set being a quarter Mala meaning that 4 times around equals a full Mala. A quarter Mala is easier to to use in everyday activities and much easier to wear than a full mala.


Use: Choose your Power - be it a Mantra, the name of your Deity, or a sound to repeat. Find the knot. From this starting point, start your power. Then move to the next bead and  repeat your chosen power with each bead. Repeating until you make a circut and return to the knot.  If you complete this ritual 4 times, you have completed a full Mala (108). this can happen at any point throughout the day and each quarter does not have to be right after the prior quarter.


 These are raw wood beads, that have been treated with oil and Frankincense as a part of the blessing. Try to keep these from getting wet, although a food grade oil will renew them. After time, a deep patina will develop.  




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