About Us

Who We Are
Aluna the "Moon Dragon"

Moon Dragon is a place for those who are both curious in nature and playful in spirit. We seek to create a safe space where people can come together to have fun and play but also to foster an environment of personal growth and expansion for those seeking to explore their spirituality. Come as you are, be welcomed in, and hopefully here you will meet new people and find your community.
We are all about freedom of choice and let those with questions ask but we leave you to your own journey and experience. We don’t push our ideals on anyone else, we only ask that those who come to meet us treat everyone here with respect and kindness so all can enjoy their time in our space. 

We are a place of fun, love, support, and positivity!

The People Power Behind the Moon Dragon


Lyndsey Hagerty (The Dragoness) - Owner

The creative heart and soul of Moon Dragon, Lyndsey sought to create a space to share with the community. She is an artist, spiritual teacher, healer, and a passionate lover of all things TTRPG! She is the playful spirit that seeks to uplift those around her as much as she can. If she’s not lost in her art, writing, or playing TTRPGs she’s often enjoying spending her time with her corgis, cats and going off on adventures with her amazing husband Andy. She feels so blessed and excited to be living her dream and doing what she loves every single day alongside her amazing husband and the wonderful staff & volunteers at Moon Dragon.

Andy Hagerty (The Dragon) - General Manager

The true force and source of strength of Moon Dragon, Andy also wanted to bring a space where anyone could gather and meet one another, finding their own community here. He is deeply spiritual in nature (though you wouldn’t necessarily guess it at first meeting). TTRPGs are a passion of his and he has been worldbuilding his own fantastic and detailed world called “Hagonia” since he was a child (starting back in the 70’s -- shhhh dont’ tell anyone his age). He also creates his own line of handcrafted terrain and minis (as well as painted minis purchased elsewhere) he shares under the banner of “Dashing DM Designs.” He is bright and talkative and always excited to teach anyone how to play TTRPGs and discuss worldbuilding, DMing, and anything else about gaming! 

The Sales Wizards (Sales Associates)

These are our friendly, helpful knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with any questions or concerns! If they don’t know the answer, they’ll do what they can to find it for you! Moon Dragon is a fun magical place to work!

The Apprentices (Volunteers) -

We have many people who are passionate about our mission and just want to be a part of what we do in many different capacities. These are the members of our volunteer army helping us achieve our goals of creating a magical fun space for all.