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7 Day candle, green

7 Day candle, green

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To focus energy and aid in manifestation or ritual work, simply light these candles daily for seven days and focus on your desires while each knob burns. It takes approximately 3 hours to burn each knob of the candle.

  Use the Green 7-day candle for:

 It can assist with growth, renewal, regaining health and strength, balance, and herbal magic.

Green is the color associated with fairies, nature, plants, herbs, food, trees, and animals.

Green brings confidence, prosperity, wealth love, hope, stamina, help with physical practical and material matters. It can help eliminate jealousy and greed and bring balance to the emotions.

Green is also known for the elements of Earth, water, and Venus and the directions of north and west.

 7 Knob Candles are an unique way to add or fun to your home decor. These candles are an interesting alternative to your typical taper. These candles are often a topic of conversation at any gathering.

They also make a great gift for the candle collector who has seen it all. Combining function with style, these 7-day candles are a must have.


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