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Angelic Visions: Create Fantasy Art Angels With Watercolor, Ink and Colored Pencil

Angelic Visions: Create Fantasy Art Angels With Watercolor, Ink and Colored Pencil

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 Here's a book dedicated to drawing angels by Angela R. Sasser.

The book has four chapters, covering the art materials (primarily colour pencils and watercolor), drawing and designing the characters, creating the background and includes 8 step-by-step demonstrations at the back.

On the character design of angels, you get to learn how to draw the different parts of an angel, things like wings, halos, clothing, weapon and other ornaments. The subject is seems well researched enough, the instructions are clear, and gives useful points to look out for. The basic anatomy lessons aren't too helpful because they are too elementary. I recommend getting a separate figure drawing book to help with figure posing and construction.

The chapter on backgrounds covers drawing of clouds, flowers, creating stone and stained glass textures. There doesn't seem to be a lot of variety when in comes to designing backgrounds for angels. This chapter is quite thin and feels disconnected from the book because the examples shown here, with exception of flowers, aren't really used in other paintings.

Finally, the book ends with 8 detailed painting demonstrations. The tutorials are roughly meant to be followed along - you can draw your own angel and then follow the techniques mentioned. It provides good practice on using watercolour. I don't particularly like the style of watercolour is used here though, but different people prefer different styles.

Overall, this is a decent starter guide if you're looking to draw angels. A figure drawing book is highly recommended to go along with this book - that will give your characters more volume.


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