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Astragalomancy Set, Divination dice Black and White numbers

Astragalomancy Set, Divination dice Black and White numbers

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Divining with dice or Astragalomancy is a tradition that has roots in an older tradition from over 8000BCE that used Fruit pits, stones, or the Knucklebones of herd animals to tell the future. This practice was called Cleromancy and the assumption was that the gods manipulated the casting to give us messages. The tradition of calling a dice throw of throwing the bones refers to this practice.

 Eventually as civilization progressed, the craftsmen refined the process and started to manipulate the materials into objects closer to what we would recognize.  In what is now Modern day Turkey, dice from 3000 BCE were discovered. In China they were used and eventually morphed into dominoes.  Divination with Dominoes is called Dominomancty and dates back to about 2200BCE.  In Rome 4 sided dice were called tali, and six siders were called  tesserae.  Between 300BCE and 30 BCE, a Greek craftsman in Egypt created the first Polyhedron die (20 sider).  Welcome to this ancient divination tradition. 


3 large dice ( Solid black with white numners)

8 inch cloth circle ( this is called the field)

 Reading instructions

Number meaning sheets

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