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Mystic Mountain

Bay Leaf Scrub

Bay Leaf Scrub

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Bay Leaf scrub

The bay leaf scrub is used to clear out old, negative or hostile energies from the house. As a bonus, the smells and oils of the Bay leaf act as a natural repellent to many pest insects, including cockroaches. 


Take a few of the Leaves out of the package.

Crumble them a bit (this releases the essence of the Bay Leaf).

Sprinkle them around the floor of the room you are seeking to cleanse.

Let them sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Sweep from back of room towards the room’s exit. 

Sweep out the leaves over the front or back door threshold.

It is also said to carry a bay leaf in your Mojo/Gris-Gris or Medicine bag will protect you from evil. You can also place a whole leaf in each corner of the room to protect the room from Hexes, and evil intents.


Not for Human Consumption. We must inform our customers that we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any magical properties/uses listed. We share information as folklore for educational purposes and this item is sold as a curio only.

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