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Mystic Mountain

Black Salt AKA Witches Salt, Powerful Spiritual Protection

Black Salt AKA Witches Salt, Powerful Spiritual Protection

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   Black Ritual Salt ( aka Witches Salt)  

  Black Ritual Salt is a powerful tool in the protection of one’s property and self, and also a powerful tool to drive off unwanted entities.  Black Ritual Salt differs from Traditional Blessed Salt in that while it still does protect the home and properties, Black Ritual Salt is mainly used to drive off entities and people.  This is more of an active type of protection then the straight up protective qualities of Traditional Blessed salt.  Black Ritual Salt will get rid of almost all energies around, both wanted and unwanted.  Please note the use of Black Ritual Salt against entrenched powerful entities can be dangerous. 

 How to use Black salt depends on what end result you wish to attain:

-As a protection, sprinkle around your house in the same method as blessed salt.

-To banish evil or remove negativity from your space, scatter a pinch in the space and invocate or visualize the energy leaving.

-To protect from unwanted people or influences, sprinkle some salt outside your doors while naming the person or entity you do not wish to visit your property. You should also name the reasons behind this for added power.

-To remove a person from your home, carefully sprinkle some of the salt behind them, then sprinkle some salt outside of your main door.

We carry this salt in a 2 oz bag, a six ounce Jar, and in a convenient Travel sized jar. The 6oz Glass Jar is a nice way to have the salt on hand in your living, work, or sacred space. The travel sized jar resealable screw top 15ml solid glass jar to make travel with this item easy.

   There are commonly three types of materials that are called "Black Salt'.  There is the salt that is famous in Indian Cuisine, also referred to as Indian Black salt or kala namak.  Secondly there is a Black Lava salt or Hawaiian Black salt. Black lava salt is black in color and is simply sea salt that is blended with activated charcoal. It has an earthy flavor and usually comes from Hawaii or Cyprus. This is used at the end of cooking as a finishing salt. Thirdly, and the type we are concerned with is Black ritual salt.  This salt is often called Witches’ Salt and is not for eating.  This type of Black Ritual Salt is a blend of herbs that is burned and added to a Traditional Blessed Salt. The exact blend of Herbs has been handed down from generation to generation and has been proven effective.

 All of Mystic Mountain Company's Salts, Scrubs, Ritual items, and Powders are of an exceptional quality and power.  We craft these items by hand individually using the finest ingredients.  We use care, attention to detail and love while crafting these items in traditional ways. We use real herbs, roots, barks, petals, bones, shells, essential oils, collected in time honored ways, with all due respect paid.  Many of these items are made from ingredients we have collected or grown where at all possible to ensure the best energy for our workings and products.

 Legal disclaimer: All our Salts, Scrubs, Ritual Items, and Powders are required by law to be for entertainment purposes. We are not medical professionals, any reputed health benefits have not been approved by the FDA.  No form of holistic service, spell, or Rootwork should be considered as a substitute for Professional medical, legal, or Psychological advice. These items are sold as curios only, and there are no guarantees in providing any specific abilities, outcomes, or results either desired or undesired.

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