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Crystal Intention Pouch, Chakra Kit - Great Healing Item

Crystal Intention Pouch, Chakra Kit - Great Healing Item

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   This pouch is intended to assist you in bringing balance and harmony to all of your chakras, you can chose a stone and focus on one specific chakra or work on a few or all at the same time. This gemstone Chakra kit includes seven stones (one for each of the pirmary chakras or energy centers of the body), the information booklet, and organza pouch. All stones are natural and may vary in size and color from the picture. The organza bags come in a variety of colors.

   Stones: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Blue Obsidian, Sodalite, and Amethyst

   Red Jasper - 1st - Root Chakra - At base of spine, animal or basic nature.

   Carnelian - 2nd - Sacral - At the lower abdomen, 1-2 inches below navel, sexuality and reproduction.

   Citrine - 3rd - Solar Plexus - At the naval, Sense of Identity.

   Green Aventurine - 4th - Heart - At center of chest, higher consciousness and love.

   Blue Obsidian - 5th - Throat - At Throat, creativity, self expression and search for truth.

   Sodalite - 6th - 3rd Eye -  Between Eyes, intelligence and Psychic power.

   Amethyst - 7th - Crown - Above head, links individual with Universal.


   How to use: Carry the crystals with you, meditate with them, make a crystal grid, put them in a dish to energize a space.


   Make sure to cleanse your stones from time to time to keep them working great!


   Please note: These stones are an aid to assist you but they do not diagnose or replace proper medical and/or psychological treatment for any medical or physical ailments you may suffer. This is a tool in your tool box, you still have to put it to work and put the efforts in to take steps to improve your life by making lifestyle changes and better choices for your well being.


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