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Chakra Meditation Stones

Chakra Meditation Stones

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Colorful individual Chakra meditation stones, made from marble. These meditation medallions represent the seven chakras and are individually etched with the chakra signs. Each stone has an individual pouch bag. Each stone makes a thoughtful gift idea!  As well as being used for meditation it can also be kept in a handbag, pocket, or displayed on a desk for an improved sense of well being.

Root Chakra (red): Enhances a sense of stability, grounding and prosperity.

Sacral Chakra (orange): Enhances a sense of sexuality, physical grace and pleasure.

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow): Enhances a sense of vitality, direction and self-esteem.

Heart Chakra (green):  Enhances a sense of love, compassion and altruism.

Throat Chakra (blue): Enhances a sense of communication and creativity.

Third Eye Chakra (purple): Enhances a sense of intuition, perception and imagination.

Crown Chakra (pink): Enhance a sense of intelligence and awareness.

Each stone sold separately! Size: 1.4" Dia x 0.4"H

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