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Dashing DM Dungeon Design

Monster Miniature - Flame spark

Monster Miniature - Flame spark

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Coming from the Airy of Innovation that is the base of operations for the Workshops of the Dashing DM Dungeon Designs is the latest in hand crafted 28mm Miniature Gaming.

  It was a long day, the Novice Elementalist had worked hard in creating a gate. Many an incantation  was spoken and words of power flowed thunderously across the room. This was his first attempt at opening a semi-permanent portal, and he pushed himself to the point of exhaustion, so his pronunciation was a bit off.  Instead of a large rift to the elemental plane of fire being opened in full view of the room centered on the symbols of protection and containment painstakingly hewn into the floor, a smaller unexpected seam was created.

 The seam opened in the fireplace of all possible places, possibly caused by a momentary distraction caused by popping firewood and a quickly forgotten glance at the  source of distraction. The seam sat unnoted and unnoticed in the blaze of the fireplace as the Novice Elementalist left the room, to rest and ponder why nothing happened.

 The sound of a giggle like hiss when unheard by anyone as something peeked through from the other side. With an audible pop, a flame squeezed through the rift in reality and settled into a round shape, radiating heat and light noticeably brighter than the roaring fire behind it.  The light and heat increased as several more Flame Sparks tumbled through the rift.

 Seeing the room was way too cold for comfort, the Flame sparks set about making the room better.  They flew about all willy nilly setting anything flammable alight. This turned into a grand game and they raced about to be the first one to ignite anything that would.

 The sound of a growing inferno, accompanied by the giggles of the Flame Sparks alerted the Master of the Tower of Elements to the gathering firestorm . Bursting into the room he asked in a commanding voice” What is the meaning of this noise?”

 “We made it better”, came a chorus of high pitched voices in a slightly defensive tone. The Master was not amused.

  We have summoned a sparkle posse  of Flame Sparks and they are ready to light up your adventuring party.   The pictures do not do them justice as they are adorable as well as deadly.  We do have the write up for them in D&D 5e format upon request!

  All of our products are handcrafted, painted, or wholly crafted by our team of goblins chained in the Airy of Innovation and beaten with... totally compliant OSHA guidelines. These are designed to work well with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, or any other Role playing system using the 28mm Scale.  As these are handcrafted one of a kind items, there will be slight variations in final appearance, if you are ordering online, you can contact us and we may be able to send you pictures of the available stock so you can select the exact item you would like. 

   Money raised from Sales of these items goes to support the efforts to use D&D as a therapeutic tool for those who are suffering from Real world Traumas and as a coping mechanism.

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