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Nightwisp Designs

Pendant, Peace in Sterling Silver

Pendant, Peace in Sterling Silver

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A physical anchor to help pull you into your centered space, this piece is a reminder that we all need to remember to seek peace both within and outside of ourselves. All about finding our harmony and balance this piece is a great reminder to center and ground yourself. Just holding onto it can remind your to take a few deep breaths and soothe yourself.

This piece is lovingly hand forged and hammered providing a unique design! The pendant measures approx 1" tall by 0.5" wide. This is a limited run so when we're out, we're out!

This is a fantastic limited run creation from Nightwisp Designs. Each special piece the artist creates is creatively designed out of the finest Gemstones and Precious Metals in the Nightwisp Studio studio in the mountains of PA. All work is expertly crafted by Artist and Metalsmith Lyndsey Hagerty who brings magic and life to metal and gems. She melds the materials into unique and awesome items that can be found nowhere else.


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