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Specimen, Tanzurine Quartz, Emerald small

Specimen, Tanzurine Quartz, Emerald small

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Tanzurine is a recently discovered stone consisting of one of the purest Quartz and either Lepidolite (cherry) or Fuchsite (emerald). Because of the purity of the Quartz, the included minerals are able to fill these stones with vibrant color as if it were water. The deep reds and vibrant greens of Tangerine Quartz are totally natural and create a truly unique stone. 

Emerald Tanzurine Quartz is a stone of miracles and blessings, it deeply connected one to the earth energies. This is a crystal of endless possibilities, as well as a stone of happiness and optimism. Emerald Tanzurine Quartz Connects to the heart chakra and helps will emotional healing.

Image is example only all stone are natural and may differ from the picture in size and color.

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