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BrightFoxCo - Carolyn Heckman

Crystal Haven

Crystal Haven

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We are happy to be offering a selection of items from a talented Local Artist known as Bright Fox Co.  She sources her materials locally and sustainably, then hand crafts beautiful objects that are both art and are useable in everyday life.

 This Multi listing is for a series called Crystal Havens. Crystal Havens start when the talented artist hand selects individual Stones and Crystals that speak to her.  She then designs a home or Haven for them using hand poured Resins.  Into these Havens she will add a variety of materials, all to enhance the beauty and metaphysical properties of the center tone. 

 These Crystal Havens are each one of a kind stunning works of art.  Additionally, the metaphysical properties of the stone are amplified and help to create a grid to interact with your auric field, giving all in the room a gentle boost or healing, depending on the individual properties of the stone, and the properties of any additional materials added to the Haven.

 Each Crystal Haven comes with a black metal stand,  Custom crafted wooden stands are available for an additional charge.

 The selection changes constantly, and with all natural materials, no two can ever be the exact same.  Each Haven is pictured as a variant, and you will receive the exact one pictured.  The variant name will have the main stone listed in the name.

*This listing is for a single item*

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