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Mystic Mountain

Crystal Intention Pouch, Memory

Crystal Intention Pouch, Memory

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Memory Crystal Intention Pouch

The stones and crystals in this pouch have been hand selected to assist anyone who is seeking to enhance their memory be it for studying or sharpening a memory that is weak. We give a few basic ways to use the crystals but the possibilities are endless!


Orange Calcite - Wisdom, new beginnings, memory

Hematite - Stone of the Mind, mental attunement, memory, grounding

Dumortierite - Help memory, strengthen mental acuity, sharpen focus

Chalcedony - Analyzing information, mental clarity

Blue Apatite - Balance & communication

Ruby - Sharpens the mind, brings a heightened awareness and excellent concentration


How to use: Carry the crystals with you, meditate with them, make a crystal grid, put them in a dish to energize a space.

Make sure you cleanse the stones from time to time to keep the working great!

Please note these stones are an aid to assist you but they do not diagnose or replace proper medical treatment for any medical or physical ailments you may suffer. This is a tool in your tool box you still have to put it to work and put the efforts in to take steps to improve your life by making lifestyle changes and better choices for your well being. 

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