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Dark Age: Outcasts (Hardcover)

Dark Age: Outcasts (Hardcover)

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Survival Above All Else

For the Outcasts, strength and resilience are not only important traits for leadership, but also their very survival. While Forsaken lands are arable thanks to feats of technology and faith, the Outcasts subsist in the much larger, much more hellish Samarian Wasteland. It is here, in the blazing crucible of the desert heat, that the Outcasts not only live, but thrive.

A diverse lot, the denizens of the Outcasts range from roving bands of wasteland scavengers, honor-seeking tribal warriors, to sinister slavers who view every man, woman, and child in the wastes as mere possessions to be claimed by the strongest.

In the end, survival is all that matters, and the Outcasts are experts at living where no human should tread. Woe betide the trespasser, the savage, or even the army that intrudes their territory, for they quickly find that, while the wastes may be deadly, deadlier still are the survivors who call it home.
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