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Conjure Powder - Drawing - 2.2 oz Bag - Draw luck, wealth, and prosperity to your life

Conjure Powder - Drawing - 2.2 oz Bag - Draw luck, wealth, and prosperity to your life

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Conjure Powder - Drawing - 2.2 oz Bag

 Drawing powder is an old hoodoo recipe used to open every way to bring prosperity, wealth, and luck into every facet of your life. Often called Luck Drawing or Money Drawing powder.

This hand blended artisan powder is crafted with an age old recipe of herbs and oils to bring confusion to your enemies. The base powder is Gluten Free, so you do not have to worry about allergic reactions of the Celiac nature.

Besides the traditional method of casting the powder to play tricks, Conjure Powders can be added to candles, sigils, jar spells, petitions, crystals, mojo bags, poppets, and other ritual objects. Depending on the nature of the spell work and the ingredients of the powder they can also be used on personal belongings. Do not ingest.


Business related: Use in a register at work to attract more customers, get better customers, and positivity in business dealings. Dust a business card to help attract new clients. Powder back on invoices to influence your customers to pay on time.

This powder can be used to help find employment, or better employment. Sprinkle some on yourself before an interview or when you start a job search.

Sprinkle on altar during workings to attract good luck and assistance of good spirits and energies.

Lay a line across your home threshold to draw in prosperity and luck into your home.

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All of our Salts, Scrubs, and Powders are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients. We grow as many of our own herbs and ingredients as possible to ensure the best energy in our workings. We harvest the herbs with respect and following the age old traditions and at the proper times. Conjure Powders are often used in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, Wiccan, Vodou, among other traditions

Legal disclaimer: All our Salts, Scrubs, Ritual Items, and Powders are required by law to be for entertainment purposes. We are not medical professionals, any reputed health benefits have not been approved by the FDA. No form of holistic service, spell, or Rootwork should be considered as a substitute for Professional medical, legal, or Psychological advice. These items are sold as curios only, and there are no guarantees in providing any specific abilities, outcomes, or results either desired or undesired.

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