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Eckankar Ancient Wisdom for Today

Eckankar Ancient Wisdom for Today

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Eckankar is a religion for the individual--what many of us hoped religion would be. Its purpose is to help individuals find their own way back to God through direct personal experiences."

ECKANKAR--Ancient Wisdom for Today offers a compelling introduction to the ancient teachings of Eckankar. This book explores spiritual experiences to connect with people of all backgrounds. It contains surprising gems for those who consider themselves to be spiritual but not religious.

If you yearn for spiritual freedom and truth, this book presents easy-to-apply steps toward your goals. It shares vivid examples from Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, showing how to live a truly spiritual life in a material world.

The book presents a range of concepts popular in modern culture--karma, reincarnation, seeing an inner light, prophecy, near-death and out-of-body experiences. Eckankar shows how these spiritual experiences are relevant to everyday life. Past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel are more than intriguing ancient mysteries. They are the natural activity of Soul. Soul is the True Self, the inner, most sacred part of each person.

With a prove-it-to-yourself message to seekers, this book shows how Eckankar is a living religion. Real learning comes from your own experiences.

ECKANKAR--Ancient Wisdom for Today is refreshing, bold, and a timeless guide for today's spiritual adventurers!

Eckankar is a modern-day spiritual teaching with ancient roots founded in 1965 by Paul Twitchell. Harold Klemp is the current spiritual leader of Eckankar since 1981.

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