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Mystic Mountain

Egyptian Coin, Queen Nefertiti, Copper Colored

Egyptian Coin, Queen Nefertiti, Copper Colored

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We have hand crafted this interesting coin for your perusal. The coin Features the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Her likeness is one of the most famous busts of all time, and her beauty resonates across time and space.

 Nefertiti Was considered one of the strongest Queens in Egyptian history and is known for her Inner strength, Spirituality and Sensuality. This coin is great for those who are seeking to increase self sensuality. The coin will aid you to see the beauty in yourself and others, opening your senses up to the splendor of life.  Nefertiti strength in life and her power can still be felt as well, and this strength can be used in your spiritual journey as well. 

  Our coin is slightly larger than a quarter, yet smaller than a half dollar. 

  We make these coins with magical intentions.  We also imbue power into these coins as we hand paint each one.  As these are hand crafted from scratch, no two are ever exactly the same. We also can paint them in custom colors upon request ( may add a little to cost). The coin in the picture is a stock coin, your exact coin ma differ slightly.

This style coin is painted a bright Copper to add a shine and luster. We do add a layer of clear coat to help protect the paint and highlights from normal handling,

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