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Nightwisp Designs

Gemstone Pendant, Ammonite Hand Wrapped in Copper

Gemstone Pendant, Ammonite Hand Wrapped in Copper

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We have a one of a kind creation from Nightwisp Designs. This pendant is creatively designed out of the finest Gemstones and Precious Metals in the Nightwisp Studio studio in the mountains of PA . All work is expertly crafted by Artist and Metalsmith Lyndsey Hagerty who brings magic and life to metal and gems. She melds the materials into unique and awesome items that can be found nowhere else.

This pendant was created by allowing the Sterling to speak to the artist.

This item is a Beautiful Fossil Ammonites Sterling Silver Swirl pendant. It is a collaboration betwixt metal, Gemstone, and artist.


 Reputed metaphysical properties of Ammonites are:

 Continual change and evolution, also represents the journey within and without. Said to aid with healing and contacting one's spirit guides.


Reputed metaphysical properties of Sterling Silver are:

Silver is a calming and balancing metal. Silver is reputed to reflect away negativity, evil, and in popular culture is used against werewolves and vampires.

Silver aids in the manifestation of wealth, riches, and health. Roman armies would have silver in the water casks to keep the water clean and pure.

Silver improves perception, quality of speech, and brings eloquence to conversations. It also increased the properties of gemstone that are in contact. This is especially true of Moonstone, Turquoise, Amethyst, and Quartz.

Silver is said  to bring the wearer more in tune with the flow of the universe. This aids in the connection between Physical and astral self. Also this awakes and increases psychic and intuitive capabilities.

Works well with the third eye Chakra

Silver is astrologically associated with Cancer and Aquarius, the element Water, the Moon, and direction West

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