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Wildberry Incense Cones Online Shoppe

Wildberry Incense Cones Online Shoppe

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  Here is where you can find all things Wildberry incense cones that we carry.  We sell our Cones prepacked with 10 awesome long lasting cones.  Each Flavor comes packaged in it's own separate baggie to ensure the highest quality cone makes it to its destination.

 Wildberry has been lovingly hand-dipping incense since 1971. They use higher quality, more expensive fragrances and put more fragrance on each stick. Wildberry's proprietary formulas keep the incense fresher longer.

Hand-dipped Blend 22 incense cones. A fruity mix of over a dozen fragrances. Notes include strawberry, heliotrope blossom, ginger, peach, patchouli and cinnamon spice.

 Hand-dipped Champa Flower™ incense cones.  An exotic floral with notes of rose, sweet herbs and fresh berries. Deeper notes include patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. Our version of the popular classic Nag Champa.

Hand-dipped Cinnamon incense cones. A fragrant cinnamon scent with sensuous notes of cinnamon stick and clove bud.

Hand-dipped Dragon's Blood incense cones. An exotic earthy fragrance with subtle notes of pine needle, arabian sandalwood, musk and amber. Inspired by the aromatic bright red sap produced by the dracaena draco tree.

Hand-dipped Fairy Dust™ incense cones.  A fresh citrus scent with notes of bergamot, lavender, musk and patchouli. Formulated to mask smoke odor.

Hand-dipped India Moon™ incense cones. A warm woodsy scent with notes of soft clove, deep patchouli, vanilla, vetiver and spicy cedar.

Hand-dipped Lavender incense cones. A warm lavender fragrance with delicate notes of lemon, petitgrain, geranium leaf and camphor.

Hand-dipped Opium (type) incense cones. A rich, spicy scent with delicate notes of petitgrain, soft lemon, ylang ylang, carnation petal, cinnamon, patchouli and warm vanilla. Our version of the popular perfume by YSL.

 Hand-dipped Patchouli incense cones. A classic patchouli fragrance infused with notes of jasmine, soft musk, clean cedarwood and frangipanni petals.

Hand-dipped Sandalwood incense cones. A lovely sandalwood scent with notes of shaved cedarwood, delicate rose petal and rich amber.

 Hand-dipped Sea Breeze™ incense cones.  A crisp clean scent with fresh notes of sparkling lemon, watery jasmine, sun-drenched oak moss and powdery musk.

 Hand-dipped Tranquility incense cones. A relaxing citrus blend with notes of bright lemon, fresh lime, sandalwood and soft amber.

 Hand-dipped Vanilla incense cones. A warm vanilla fragrance with rich notes of vanilla bean, aged bourbon, and maple sugar.

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