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Feng Shui Chinese knot, Yellow or Luck and happiness

Feng Shui Chinese knot, Yellow or Luck and happiness

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 Color researchers believe that yellow increases self-esteem and strengthens the overall levels of one's well-being and health. The same applies to yellow and gold color crystals, such as citrine and pyrite, for example.

Feng shui-wise, a strong fiery yellow color is best used in moderation in the following bagua areas (note this does not apply to a softer expressions of yellow, such as butter yellow color).

East (Health & Family)
Southeast (Money & Abundance)
West (Children & Creativity)
Northwest (Helpful People and Blessings)

And here are the bagua areas of your home that will thrive on the energy of yellow color:

Center (Heart of Home)
South (Fame and Reputation)
Southwest (Love and Marriage)
Northeast (Spiritual Growth and Cultivation).

However, it is important to know that yellow is a color that can express two elements - depending on its intensity. A saturated, rich and bright yellow brings the feng shui Fire element, while a pale, gentle yellow represents the Earth feng shui element.

In chakra studies, the color yellow represents the solar plexus chakra, the seat of personal will. But in feng shui, yellow has a special meaning too. It refers to the three earth sectors of the center (the solar plexus of a home), northeast and southeast. When you’re ready for a bright dose of color that’s uplifting and intellectually stimulating, yellow is your color.


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