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Mystic Mountain

Health and Recovery Salt - Protection with Healing and Health properties

Health and Recovery Salt - Protection with Healing and Health properties

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Health and Healing - 2 sizes to choose from

 Health and Healing Salt is a protective salt and can be used as a Traditional Blessed Salt. In addition,  Several other Salts and Herbs were added all to help with the healing and health of the users. Traditional Blessed Salt adds a solid base level of protection and helps keep out negativity. Blessed Dead Sea Salt brings protection as well as 21 minerals That help to promote good health. Himalayan Blessed Salt brings another layer of protection as well as a reduction in Positive Ions what will help to reduce stress and depression. Additionally There are 84 trace elements and minerals in Himalayan Salt that assist in keeping the body well. Palo Santo brings an additional layer of protection in addition to the health benefits the Incans knew of any used in their sick rooms. Cinnamon brings many benefits to one’s health, and is a very empowering herb to help charge up the other components of the Health and Healing Salt. Additionally, the scent of cinnamon helps to calm and bring happiness to those sitting in the Sick Room. This salt is recommended to use when giving aid and protection to someone who is sick, either from natural sicknesses or those that may have been caused by malevolent sources or negative influences. 

 Cast to the corners in the bedroom, sick room, or hospital room of one who is afflicted. Also sprinkle some under the bed of the patient. If the patient spends their convalescent time in other rooms, treat those rooms as well.

 We carry this salt in a 2 oz bag and in a convenient Travel sized jar.  The travel sized jar resealable screw top 15ml solid glass jar to make travel with this item easy.

 All of Mystic Mountain Company's Salts, Scrubs, Ritual items, and Powders are of an exceptional quality and power.  We craft these items by hand individually using the finest ingredients.  We use care, attention to detail and love while crafting these items in traditional ways. We use real herbs, roots, barks, petals, bones, shells, essential oils, collected in time honored ways, with all due respect paid.  Many of these items are made from ingredients we have collected or grown where at all possible to ensure the best energy for our workings and products.

 Legal disclaimer: All our Salts, Scrubs, Ritual Items, and Powders are required by law to be for entertainment purposes. We are not medical professionals, any reputed health benefits have not been approved by the FDA.  No form of holistic service, spell, or Rootwork should be considered as a substitute for Professional medical, legal, or Psychological advice. These items are sold as curios only, and there are no guarantees in providing any specific abilities, outcomes, or results either desired or undesired.

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