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Health Intuition A simple Guide to greater Well-Being

Health Intuition A simple Guide to greater Well-Being

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A simple, straightforward guide for improving health and well-being by learning to hear and heed intuitive knowledge and wisdom.

For more than a century, Americans relied heavily on allopathic physicians to diagnose and treat illness. In the past 20 years, however, a dramatic shift in attitudes toward health and healing has taken place, with more and more people now looking within themselves for healing.

Provocative without being controversial, Health Intuition offers a simple, effective, and practical approach to improving health by using one's intuition. In a clear, easy-to-follow fashion, author Karen Kassy lays out common problems, patterns, and issues that block individuals from optimum health--and more importantly, describes how to discover and solve them. Using intriguing anecdotes and case studies, Kassy, a practicing health intuitive, demonstrates the principles of health and shows how they apply to--and can be used by--anyone. Health Intuition's strength lies in its simplicity and timeliness, building on popular theories and presenting them at an easily accessible level.

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