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In Celebration of Reiki: The Essence of Healing

In Celebration of Reiki: The Essence of Healing

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Reiki Master-Teacher Linda Rosenthal and Reiki Master Michele M Preste have combined their considerable talent to bring to life the experience of energetic healing through the gentle healing art of Reiki. Feel yourself drawn into the Reiki experience with each turn of the page. This book can also serve as a meditative tool to delve more deeply into Reiki and the personal and spiritual transformation that is possible. There is no other book about Reiki like this on the market.

       "In Celebration of Reiki - Book One: The Essence of Healing" is beautifully designed and unlike any other Reiki book on the market today. The free-form prose of Reiki Master Teacher, Linda Rosenthal, coupled with Michele Preste's photographs of actual Reiki sessions evoke the feelings one might experience when they give and/or receive Reiki. As a meditative experience, this book takes the reader on an intimate journey of the Self.

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