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Mystic Mountain

Isis Powder

Isis Powder

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Isis powder is a hoodoo powder that is used to increase determination, willpower and Concentration. Named after the Egyptian Goddess ISIS.


Sprinkle on yourself prior to doing an unpleasant task to assist in seeing though it’s completion.

Dust an area where you do your study and research to aid in increasing your concentration on your needed subject matters and avoid distractions that get in the way.

Put in a medicine bag/ Gris Gris pouch / Schachet before heading out to an activity that would cause temptation to enhance your willpower if denying that temptation.

Often used in rituals to call the blessings of ISIS on the proceedings .

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All of our Salts, Scrubs, and Powders are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients. We grow as many of our own herbs and ingredients as possible to ensure the best energy in our workings. We harvest the herbs with respect and following the age old traditions and at the proper times.

Legal disclaimer: All our Salts, Scrubs, Ritual Items, and Powders are required by law to be for entertainment purposes. We are not medical professionals, any reputed health benefits have not been approved by the FDA. No form of holistic service, spell, or Rootwork should be considered as a substitute for Professional medical, legal, or Psychological advice. These items are sold as curios only, and there are no guarantees in providing any specific abilities, outcomes, or results either desired or undesired.
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