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Knight's Herb, ( Thymus vulgaris ) Herb of Courage

Knight's Herb, ( Thymus vulgaris ) Herb of Courage

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Knight's herb is carried or burned as incense to grant courage, this tradition dates back to at least medieval times where the herb was used by knights to grant bravery and valor (hence the folk name "Knight's herb").  Some believe that this herb was burned for courage dating all the way back to ancient Greece.

This herb is also believed to protect its bearer from harm, another reason Knight's carried it, and tradition states Maidens would gift their knightly loves this herb before they set off to battle or a long journey, which associates this herb with both protection and love.

 Also considered powerful in healing spells, it is often burned or worn to attract good health. 

Make sure to add this herb to spells promoting wealth and luck!

This herb is also used by itself or in mixtures to be burnt in order to purify a space. You can use this herb as your primary smudging herb. It is believed to be particularly helpful in lifting heavy emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. You can also take a magical bath with Knight's Herb to purify yourself. 

It's use in embalming practices in Egypt as well as use in burial rites in Europe to aid the dead in crossing over connects this herb with death and spirits. 

To prevent nightmares, place a sachet or sprig of Knight's Herb under the pillow to promote a restful night's sleep. 

This herb also has an association with fairies, it is said if you come across a wild patch of Knight's Herb growing in the forest there are fae nearby! You can even attract the fae to you by offering the herb to them or planting the herb around your home for them. If you want to see fae wear or carry this herb in your pocket with this intention!

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