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Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)

Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)

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Tansy is a preservative and was often used for embalming or during funeral rites because of its slow decomposition. The scent of the flowers was believed to help the spirits of the dead on their journey to the afterlife. They can be placed on an ancestral altar to honor loved ones or used to contact spirits.

Furthermore, tansy is an herb of Spring, signifying rebirth and renewal. Place it on your altar to honor Venus.

Tansy can be used in a number of spells including:
Longevity Spells
Death Magic
Spirit Work
Ancestral Veneration

Tansy is feminine in nature and ruled by the element of water and the planet Venus. It is also associated with Gemini. In the Victorian language of flowers it is a declaration of war.

Tansy is sacred to Mary. It is also associated with immortality and eternal youth and is sacred to both Hebe and Ganymede. Its further association with death makes it suitable for honoring all Gods and Goddesses associated with death and rebirth.

Tansy is used in spells, charms and potions for longevity.

Tansy oil has been used to dress the dead, and wreaths of tansy are suitable funeral decorations.
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