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Negativity Deflection Sphere

Negativity Deflection Sphere

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This beautiful mirrored sphere works to deflect all negative energies & intentions from any space. Accompanied by charms and gemstones charged with protective and positive qualities, this is a small but mighty little gem!

Your negativity deflection sphere works especially well when placed in a window where it can use the purifying energies of the sun to cleanse the room during daylight hours. In the evening the silvery mirrors will also bring in the more subtle gentle empowering energy of the moon into your space as well.

Each of these treasures are carefully handcrafted to ensure they are ready to work their best for you. 

Properties of the Sphere & Charms:

Mirrors - Deflect Negativity

Hamsa Hand Charm - Protects & brings good fortune, health, & happiness. 

Evil Eye Charm - Protects user from the “evil eye” negative intentions of others.

Black Onyx Skull - Absorbs &  transforms negative energy, & helps prevent  drain of personal energy.

Black Tourmaline - Grounding, removes negativity, & shielding

Clear Quartz Chips - Amplifies all other properties

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