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Oregon Grape Root (Berberis Aquafolium)

Oregon Grape Root (Berberis Aquafolium)

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Oregon Grape root

Folk wisdom clearly attributed to Oregon Grape includes her use as a protector. It was said that three branches of Oregon Grape placed on one’s threshold would keep enemies at bay.

Today, Oregon Grape works her influence over groups, providing protection and positive energy flow. Oregon grape is an excellent protection talisman.

Oregon Grape works on a more subtle, energetic, magical level to protect boundaries that are being attacked from within. Grape’s energy is about getting rid of the internal and external negative energy that keeps us from flourishing to move along. It has a nurturing and encouraging energy that helps to clear those old emotional experiences and let positive energies begin to flow once again.

Magically speaking, it’s a good partner when working on healing one’s own baggage or that of one’s ancestors, particularly when you’re not entirely sure if the boundary you’re protecting is a good boundary. Oregon Grape works well for those times when you need clarity about the worth of the convictions to which you’re holding.
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