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Pendant, Bronze, OM

Pendant, Bronze, OM

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We have a selection of Bronze pendants.  This particular pendant is the Om (or Ohm, Aum).  This is a very detailed and stylized version of the Symbol, very fashionable.

 This Amazing and stylish pendant comes with a black silicone cord, but will look great on your favorite chain. 

Om is a sacred sound or chant that is popularly known in Hindu circles and other faiths as the sound of the universe. It encompasses everything, is the focus of ultimate reality, and reconciles everything in this world and in the universe. The vibrations that you create when you vocalize the Om sound energizes the chakras throughout your whole body, with special mention of the third eye and crown chakras, that are our connections with our Divine personas. The chakras are the concentrated energy centers of our body which have the important responsibility of absorbing positive energy from the Om and also emanating back this energy. This interaction between the Om symbol and the chakras keep us functioning at an optimal level.

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