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Mystic Mountain

Pink Himalayan Blessed Salt fine, Protections and 84 needed Elements

Pink Himalayan Blessed Salt fine, Protections and 84 needed Elements

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Pink Himalayan Blessed Salt 3 sizes to choose from

Used to protect against paranormal activity or harmful energies. Our Blessed salt is thrice blessed to increase its potency. We start with only the finest pure salt. Then we use three separate traditions to charge our salt for the utmost protective characteristics.

Blessed salt has been used from time immortal to ward off evil spirits and to protect oneself and home against spiritual attacks. Details and different rites will be available on our websites for your convenience.

Blessed salt may be sprinkled in a room, or across a threshold, or in other places as an invocation of divine protection. It may also be consumed. Blessed salt can be used in creation of holy water by sprinkling the salt in the shape of a cross into the water.

Pink Himalayan Blessed salt is mined from deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains. This salt was laid down by seas in antiquity. The means that the salt is untouched by modern pollutants. Many believe this additional Purity aids in the protection aspects. There is also a belief that This salt is particularly effective in clearing negative ionic energy from the air.

We carry this salt in a 2 oz bag, a six ounce Jar, and in a convenient Travel sized jar. The 6oz Glass Jar is a nice way to have the salt on hand in your living, work, or sacred space. The travel sized jar resealable screw top 15ml solid glass jar to make travel with this item easy.

Of course we must legally say we sell these items as a novelty only, as there have been no scientific studies to support any metaphysical claims.

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