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Quassia chips (Quassia amara ) aka Bitter root

Quassia chips (Quassia amara ) aka Bitter root

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Quassia chips Bitter root (Quassia amara)

Also called Bitter Root, Amargo, Hombre Grande, and Bitter Ash

Quassia Chips are used in controlling and domination spells to replace or augment the hair of the target. Quassia is a root used in control spells, particularly when you want to control a lover. With Quassia, you can draw a love to you and maintain control over that lover.

Quassia chips are also used in workings to draw in love and attract money. They also work well to give one control over another who needs to pay back money that is owed.

gender: Feminine
element: Water
planet: Venus
deities: Aphrodite, Venus
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