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Dashing DM Dungeon Design

RPG Aid - D&D Potions of Healing

RPG Aid - D&D Potions of Healing

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 Coming from the Airy of Innovation that is the base of operations for the Workshops of the Dashing DM Dungeon Designs is the latest in hand crafted 28mm Miniature Role Playing Gaming.

The battle rages, with the party of adventures getting almost as good as they are giving.  The wounds flow, and the health of the party slowly drain like the sands of an hour glass. The pace is fast and furious with Arrows flying, swords swinging, and spells being cast. 

 Getting low one of the warriors says "I'm going to use a Potion of Superior Healing.... wait, how many dice is that?"  " Um, wait which one was that, again?" replies the Master of the Dungeon. "I think there is 6d4 in that one, or is it 8d4?" replies the Rouge. Confusion reigns as the flow of combat pauses abruptly as books, phones, and other reference materials appear and are consulted.  "8d4 is your potion " exclaims the wizard who is next, seething to cast the most awesome spell, as soon as he can.  "Alright, I think I have that many in my dice bag' States the warrior, as he starts the process of digging out 8 hard to grasp dice out of a bag that that holds more dice than an army of Goblins would need. The  Battle now drags on in an interminable pause......

 There is nothing more frustrating during a complex encounter to have to stop and look up any critical but common items.  Many players never write down all the  details of their items in a way that would alleviate this common problem.  So at out table, we have designed a series of game aids that help speed up the flow of play.  the Player can just grab the appropriate Healing Potion bottle, shake, drop out the dice, and add 1 to each die for their healing total.  Well, 2 for the Supreme, but what is 10 points among friends. 

 Each Potion bottle is clearly labeled which type it is, has the correct amount of dice for its type, and looks cool in it's glass bottle with cork stopper. Below is a quick guide.

Potion                    Rarity                  HP Regained
Healing                  Common              2d4 + 2
Greater healing     Uncommon           4d4 + 4
Superior healing    Rare                     8d4 + 8
Supreme healing    Very rare             10d4 + 20

  All of our products are hand crafted, painted, or wholly crafted by our team of goblins chained in the Airy of Innovation and beaten with... totally compliant OSHA guidelines. These are designed to work well with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, or any other Role playing system using the 28mm Scale. As these are hand crafted one of a kind items, there will be slight variations in final appearance, if you are ordering online, you can contact us and we may be able to send you pictures of the available stock so you can select the exact item you would like. 

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