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Selenite Iceberg White 4"

Selenite Iceberg White 4"

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Single Selenite Iceberg Tower 4"+ tall size and widths will vary.

Perfect to use during meditation, daily devotionals, or ritual work!

This lovely mini Selenite Icebergs have been carved out of white selenite (gypsum) and has been left in its natural state. This piece is perfect for any altar, sacred space or home. 

Selenite Metaphysical Properties:  Clearing and cleansing stone (it will clear energies of stones you surround it with and even will work to help the energies of a room. Selenite is a high vibrational stone, brings angelic energies, dispels negativity, stone of honesty & truth.

Do not get wet as this is salt based and will start to break down over time.

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