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Gazing Ball, Tiger's Eye 80mm

Gazing Ball, Tiger's Eye 80mm

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This gorgeous luxurious 80mm  Tigers eye sphere will be a great addition to any collection or sacred space. (Pictures don't do this piece justice!)

Tiger’s eye is connected to both the Root and Sacral Chakras. It serves as a reminder of Inner strength, self-confidence, grounding, stabilizing, willpower, protection, and eases doubt. Synthesizing the frequencies of Sun and Earth. Tiger eye bringing stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual with the physical realms. It teaches balance between extremes, moving one out of the world of duality - right and wrong, good and bad, dark and light and provides an understanding of the underlying unity behind apparent opposites. It brings a more practical and compassionate reasoning to one’s choices and helps one to reflect Spirit through each action taken.

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