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Shell, Sand Dollar 3 inches

Shell, Sand Dollar 3 inches

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Our Sand Dollars are approximately 3 inches across. 

Properties: Peace, Bravery, internal strength. 

The sand dollar is a sea animal that has a firm, compressed, disk-shaped shield, it has a body structure that is formed with tightly united plates.

Additional symbolic meanings for the Sand Dollar are: Transformation, Bravery, Encouragement, Freedom of Movement, and Reformation.

Some Christians associate sand dollars with the Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus. The five slits in are said to represent Christ's wounds during his time on the cross. On one side of the sand dollar is what looks like an Easter lily with a star in the middle, which serves as a reminder of the birth of Christ. The star of Bethlehem is the star that the shepherds followed to see the baby Jesus, according to the biblical tale. On the opposite side of the sand dollar is an outline of a poinsettia, or Easter lily, a flower that represents the Christmas season.

Sand dollars are also symbols of peace. Legend has it that there are five doves inside the shells that are free to bring goodwill to the world when the sand dollar is broken.

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