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Shell, Turkish Snail (Helix lucorum)

Shell, Turkish Snail (Helix lucorum)

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Turkish Snail

Properties: Fertility, abundance, things coming to fruition

Snails have many deep and powerful things that most of us might not realize. There are species that live on land, and those that live in the sea. Snails can bridge the two elements of Earth and Water. They also bridge the gap betwixt spiritual and mundane worlds.

 The shell of the Turkish Snail has a nice spiral. There is deep and meaningful symbolism in this shell. This spiral was to many ancient cultures the representation of the Cycle of Life, Death, then rebirth.  Also the rotation of the Earth around the Sun was seen, as was the essence of time and the universe.

The snail does not rush. He takes his time going where he pleases. There is a benefit to this approach in appreciating the small things . Slow and steady, not prone to rush off his path. He also carries his home, protection in the ever growing shell.

 Cultures in antiquity saw the snail as sacred. To the ancient Greeks, the snails keyed them in as to when the crops were ready to harvest. They represented fertility and fruition of hard work. The snail was also a symbol used frequently in ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Snails were sacred to Amun - ancient Egyptian ram-god and Tecciztecatl - ancient Aztec god

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