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Singing bowl, Tibetian Brass Hand Hammered 8"D

Singing bowl, Tibetian Brass Hand Hammered 8"D

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The lovely vibrations of this handcrafted Tibetan singing bowl will raise the vibrations of any space or person that hears it playing. This sound energy aligns chakras and balances the energy in the surrounding area. This bowl is very effective when used in the beginning or ending (or even throughout the entire duration) of meditation or healing sessions. Whether in use or not they are a stunning feature in any room and make incredibly meaningful gift.

This antique style singing bowl hand forged by hammer into shape. Each strike of the hammer by human hands causes each of these bowls to have it's own unique sound with no two sounding exactly alike. 

Measures approx 8" in diameter. Singing bowl comes with wooden mallet.


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