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Smudge, Healing 3"

Smudge, Healing 3"

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Healing - Healing Smudge is made of a combination of three different types of herbs and resins.  The Mountain Sage adds strength and Energy to the recipient of the smudge so they can fully benefit from the healing.  The Cedar brings a friendly and great healing benefit to the smudging. Copal is a resin that is also known as young amber. Copal Resin transmutes negative energies into positive energies and is a great aid in physical self healing. These three herbs combine to give the recipient a great boost in healing energies.

 These Smudges are about 3 to 4 inches in length.  The length varies due to this being a natural product.  We recommend this as a good size to accomplish smudging most medium size houses. Smudges can be put out and reused at a later time. 

 If you have any questions on this smudge, or any of our smudges please contact us via Facebook, or our webpage at  We have an ever growing body of knowledge in the lore section of our webpage as a resource for you as well. We at Metaphysics ‘ A Spirited Space’ hope you find value in adding this cleansing smudge to your repertoire of tools.

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