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Spanish Milled Dollar - replica

Spanish Milled Dollar - replica

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 We have picked up a number of items from a collection of many decades. This item is a REPLICA Spanish Milled Dollar, by Cooperman Fife & Drum Co of Centerbrook, CT. These were made historically famous as the " Pieces of Eight" of Pirate fame. These Replicas were made were made apparently back in the mid 1990's and are currently no longer produced.

 The coin is cast from an original Piece of Eight, in a lead free pewter that is about the same weight and heft of an original. 

 From a metaphysical standpoint, these would be great to use in prosperity, ancestral, historical, or protection workings.  They also would make bases for amulets or additions to your altars. Plus they are really cool connection to the Spanish Main and the Golden age of Pirates!

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