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Specimen, Cactus Amethyst Cluster 1-2 inches

Specimen, Cactus Amethyst Cluster 1-2 inches

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This listing is for a single cactus amethyst cluster specimen ranging roughly 1in to 2in in size. Also known as spirit quartz due to the spiritual energy they are said to emit to those sensitive enough to pick it up. Each of these are SO very unique in their formation! The one you receive will have it's very own fingerprint special and unique just for you. These are beautiful natural wonders!

Metaphysical Properties. Meditation, linking one with the collective consciousness, linking groups together, shares all the properties of amethyst

All these Gemstones are natural and will vary in size, shape, and color from the picture. If you order online we will choose the stone that feels right for your order.

*This listing is for a single item*

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