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Specimen Heulandite and Apophyllite

Specimen Heulandite and Apophyllite

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 Heulandite, crystal of inner peace, love and balance.

 It is a crystal for star seeds and light workers! Heulandite stimulates the heart and crown chakras. In doing so, it facilitates altered states of awareness, particularly access and visualization of ancient knowledge.

It has been known to open portals to alternate levels of interdimensional reality as well.

Heulandite can help unlock the messages inherent within dreams.

Benefits of Heulandite

Heulandite Healing Properties:
Heulandite helps to calm the mind, facilitating meditative states and opening up to Divine guidance. It activates a connection between the head and the heart, helping us to feel uplifted and centred whilst easing the feelings of emotional burdens.

Key words: Inter-dimensional awareness
Chakras: Crown, third eye
Elements: Wind, Earth
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra
Number: 4


It is said that apophyllite crystals can cleanse your auric field and manifest intense clearing of negativity in your body. It can send pure light energy and high vibrational cleansing pulsing through you.

If you are someone who is struggling with energy blocks, negative energy in your home or workplace, stress, anxiety or feelings of overwhelm then we highly recommend apophyllite.

Apophyllite is also said to connect you with your angels and guides, bringing you ever closer to the angelic realm.

On a physical level, apophyllite can help clear and heal respiratory problems and relieve symptoms of allergies too. It is also known to heal skin rashes and reverse symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion. In today’s fast-paced stressful society, this stone is one we should all be carrying around.

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