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Specimen, Peacock Anthracite Coal Extra Large size

Specimen, Peacock Anthracite Coal Extra Large size

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Peacock Anthracite Coal

Properties: Supports Body Healing, Attracts Wealth and Abundance. Great for grounding with a connection to ancestors and the Ancient. It is great especially for clearing the chakras .

 Coal is often overlooked in the Metaphysical Circles, which for a mineral that has been in human consciousness since ancient times with the first recorded use in 4000 BCE is a serious oversight.

 This stone has been used in jewelry, as a source of fuel, and with other minerals to transform rough ore into finished metals. 

 With coal forming hundreds of millions of years ago from the remains of Ancient life buried deep underground. Peacock Anthracite Coal has a great connection with both the lifeforce of ages past and a strong connection with earth and it’s grounding properties.  

 This great coal has a connection with wealth and prosperity. It has a place in wealth magic with several traditions.  Worn as an amulet it has been used to awaken qualities of a successful person. As a side note related, Thieves historically carried coal to avoid detection.

 Peacock Anthracite Coal improves mental power, especially with regards to overcoming underlying anxiety. It is also great to assist you in resisting the pressures of others who want you to act in a way that is not for your highest good. This property with the grounding properties is a great combination for reducing and recovering from daily stresses. 

 The rainbow of colors that gives this the name Peacock, is great for healing and clearing the Chakra points. This Stone also is known as a detoxing stone, both on a physical and a metaphysical level. The inner strength touched on above of the coal is very supportive of this type of work and aids greatly in the healing of the mind and body.

 Peacock Anthracite Coal is also known to awaken sleeping passion or vitality. It also is known to improve the ability to take action and perform tasks. It will assist one in finding novel and innovative ways to move forward on their path. These properties give you the energy to open up your future. 

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