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Specimen, Peacock ore Vein

Specimen, Peacock ore Vein

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This is a great specimen of Peacock ore in it's matrix.  This is a great way to see how this material is found in nature.

Peacock Ore is known as the Stone of Happiness and Joy, peacock ore is said to help you see things more positively and to allow you to channel happiness to others. Also known as one of the strongest healing stones. Peacock ore aids in balancing and activating all chakras.

Peacock ore used to transmute any negative energy into positive. It also is said to enhance your inner knowing and strengthen psychic perception.

The colorful effect of this stone is natural! It comes from the mine a muddy brown and the metals in the ore oxidize to these brilliant colors. Also known as Chalcopyrite or Bornite. Due to the natrual nature of these stones size, shape, and color will vary. (One stone will be chosen at random). Single stone.

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