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Specimen, Utah Ice Selenite

Specimen, Utah Ice Selenite

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Utah Ice is a form of Selenite that is found in Glitter Mountain area. This crystal selenite was deposited as part of the Moenkopi Formation during the early Triassic about 250 million years ago for several million years. At this time, a large basin existed over the southern portion of Utah and this area of northern Arizona.

Metaphysical Properties:  provides for clarity of the mind, expanding one’s awareness of the self and of one’s surroundings. It is rumored even to help the individual channel past lives via their dreams.

Selenite comes from the Greek word selene, meaning “the moon.” The types of selenite are numerous. From the tiny grains of white sand in White Sands, New Mexico, to the massive 6 ft (and bigger) crystals in Mexico’s Cave of Swords.  From the fibrous chunks of “satin spar,” to the twinned, transparent crystals found in the badlands. Even “desert roses” of selenium clusters, which are found in arid climates, often infused with darker sand particles. It is a truly versatile mineral that has been carved, molded, and utilized since the days of antiquity.
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