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Spirit Balls 5 inch

Spirit Balls 5 inch

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5 inch Blue and green ' Tree' design

The design of these spirit balls date back over 600 years, and legend states that negative energy and spirits are attracted to the beauty of the ball and become trapped inside.

Spirit balls were hung at the entrance to a property or in the windows to protect it from evil influences

These glass spheres are made with colored glass and are NOT painted which makes them suitable not just for inside use but durable for outside use as well, they are best hung in a window or bright place where the light catches the many lovely colors of the ball.

This range of hand-blown glass ornaments are all expertly handcrafted by artisans. Due to the handcrafted nature of these items colors and patterns and exact size will vary. Upon ordering online one of our colors in stock will be selected for you, if you'd like to choose your own stop by the shop. 

LIMITED SELECTION! When these styles are gone we cannot get them again!

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