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Mystic Mountain

Spiritual Water, Solar Eclipse Water - June 10th 2021

Spiritual Water, Solar Eclipse Water - June 10th 2021

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Solar Eclipse Water - June 10th 2021

 The Hoodoo workers associated with our shop crafted a batch of Solar Eclipse water on June 10th, in 2021.  We at Metaphysics ‘ A Spirited Space’ had every intention of using this water in personal workings only.  Due to world events, we have been directed to release some of this water to aid in the workings of the more Left handed community.

 Solar Eclipse water is very powerful. Moon and Sun waters are generally rated in strength of how much light is carried during that event. Eclipses are generally seen as an assault on that life giving energy. Historically Eclipses are seen as the number one Bad omen celestially speaking, there is an age old fear of these events hardwired into the fabric of earthbound creatures.  To state this clearly, Eclipses are malefic events for the Sun and Moon and life giving energies.

 The primary use of Solar Eclipse Water is destroying, cursing, concealing, un-concealing, or banishing workings. There are many traditions that do not use the left handed path, and if you practice one of those traditions this is not a Water you should use. If you utilize this water in your workings, ensure you are well grounded and protected against any psychic retaliation. 

 This water has a Chaotic and very blunt energy. The Solar Eclipse Water is also useful in quick changing or transmutations. We offer this water freely with words of caution for the person casting the workings/ spell / ritual. This very powerful water can have a cost associated with using it incorrectly. Please use with care and caution in only the most well thought out workings.

 We are only releasing 12 bottles of this water at this time. They will most likely not last long on the shelf.    

 We offer this Spiritual Water in a convenient 2 oz plastic bottle.

 All of Mystic Mountain Company's Salts, Scrubs, Ritual items, and Powders are of an exceptional quality and power.  We craft these items by hand individually using the finest ingredients.  We use care, attention to detail and love while crafting these items in traditional ways. We use real herbs, roots, barks, petals, bones, shells, essential oils, collected in time honored ways, with all due respect paid.  Many of these items are made from ingredients we have collected or grown where at all possible to ensure the best energy for our workings and products.

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