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St Joseph's Wort, cut leaf ( Ocimum basilicum )

St Joseph's Wort, cut leaf ( Ocimum basilicum )

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Placed in a house for protection & purification. Used to ward off harmful magic.

Use to assist with astral projection. 

Helps steady the mind bringing happiness, love, peace, and protecting from insanity.

Use in peacemaking spells, especially making up after a fight.

Can also be used to bring good luck in travel.

Carrying a sachet (placing some of the herb in your wallet and anywhere else your money is kept) will attract more wealth.

Used to attract customers to a place of business traditionally by soaking a St. Joseph's Wort sachet in water for three days and then sprinkling the water over the threshold of your place of business to bring in customers and keep away thieves.

Placing a sachet of cut leaf in the cash register will attract money and prosperity to the business. 

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