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Talking Dirt

Talking Dirt

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A lively and practical guide to organic gardening from a renowned garden expert.

Annie Spiegelman's down-to-earth wit and wisdom create the perfect primer for anyone with a passion for home-grown veggies or fresh-cut flowers, no matter what their skill level, location, or resources. Includes advice on:

•Learning to worship the worm and build a compost pile

•Landscape designs-start small in order to create a basic plan for a plot

•The secret to healthy soil (the only way to have a healthy garden)

•Irrigation systems and strategies to conserve water

•Proper pruning-from roses to trees

•How to combine vegetables to make them thrive

•How to let your garden go native and become drought tolerant

•Edible landscaping and gardening in small spaces

Talking Dirt is a one-stop handbook that features resources for shopping, learning, and promoting environmentally sound garden practices within local communities.
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